About us

The over 10 years’ experience in the field of the commerce and
exportation of live animals has helped us develop continuously and harmoniously.

Primo Cezar

Born in 2004, out of desire to bring quality to superlative in the targeted area, S.C. Primo Cezar S.R.L. became in a short period one of the most important exporters of live animals on European market, intending, in the future, market expansion based on the experience and quality of services. At present, the company has in progress contracts with

important partners from European Community: Greece, Germany, Italia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Hungary and also from extra community area. Running according to the Europeans standards, the company follows both the European Community directives and the standard harmonized Romanian legislation.

The main activity in the commerce with live animals and their transport.

Satisfied clients
Specialized vehicles

S.C. Primo Cezar S.R.L

S.C. Primo Cezar S.R.L. owns specialized vehicles, assuring with them internal and international transport in maximum safety conditions.
The animals carrefully selected from Blue Belgique and Siementhal races are transported to the quarantine farm where they are treated and cared for complying with the directives imposed by Sanitary Veterinary Direction.

The S.C. Primo Cezar S.R.L company

has two main purposes

    • to develop a long-term relationship with our partners and customers and of the supply activity;
    • to provide quality services, which encompass the optimum balance between quality/price and conditions that meet the welfare of the animals.
      For any concerns or questions you might have, S.C Primo Cezar S.R. L’s team is at your disposal. Thus, you will be certain that the services you enjoy are in accordance with the law and abide by hygiene and safety regulation.