Blue Belgique

"Blue Belgique”

Is a rare breed where the bulls have a proeminent and well-defined muscle mass, reaching them weigh over a ton. For their development, their sperm is analyzed, and the specimens for reproduction are carefully chosen. Researchers collect semen samples from bulls, say tests if it’s as it should, then they artificially inseminate it into a “quality” female that will give birth to a new sensational animal. Researchers can even define the sex of the future calf through analysis.

Constituted relatively recently, this breed has an extreme conformation for meat production, which is characterized by “double muscling”. Their musculature is impressive, and is in fact caused by a genetic mutation. Specifically, in these cows’ DNA there is a special gene that suppresses myostatin, a protein that counteracts the uncontrolled muscle growth. This mutation results in up to 20% more muscle growth compared with other animals bred for meat.

In what the meat is concerned, it is low in fat and the constant market demand determines breeders to continue the genetical selection for this breed.

This genetic mutation

exists only breed Belgian Blue

Which is highly appreciated for the fact that all these cows’ meat has almost no fat. The aforementioned breed first came to be in the late 19th century in Belgium, by crossing the local breed with the Shothorn breed from the UK with the Charolais breed.
The name of this breed comes from the characteristic gray-blue coat color, but the color can still vary from completely white to black. Additionally, this breed has a high food conversion capacity, reduced fat deposits, but also reduced bone tissue development.
Race exists mainly in Central Europe and Belgium, but you can find it around the whole world . Belgian Blue is known for impressive muscle, its economic qualities, but for frequent use of cesarean.

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Blue Belgique