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About us

About us

Primo Cezar

Over 16 years of experience in the field of trade and export of live animals
helped us to develop continuously and harmoniously.

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Welcome to Primo Cezar

Over 16 Years Experience

The main activity of the company is the trade with live animals and their transport.

Established in 2004, from the desire to bring quality to the superlative in the market segment it is targeting, S.C. Primo Cezar S.R.L. soon became one of the important exporters of live animals on the European market, following, in the future, the expansion of the market based on the experience gained and the quality of the services offered.

Currently, the company operates contracts with important partners from European Union countries such as: Greece, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Hungary and from outside the EU. Operating at European standards, the company respects both the norms and directives of the European Union and the internal legislation harmonized with the European legislation.


From the beginning, we were concerned about the quality of the services we offer. Thus, we tried to improve and adapt to the demands of the market and our


The over 16 years of activity in the field and the contracts with important partners from numerous countries of the European Union recommend us for breeding and trading with live animals.


Both the breeding of the animals and their transport are carried out in safe conditions and in accordance with the directives imposed by the Veterinary Sanitary Directorate.

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S.C. Primo Cezar S.R.L

We have specialized vehicles that ensure internal and international transport under maximum safety conditions.
The carefully selected specimens from the Belgian Blue and Siementhal (Romanian Spotted) breeds are transported to the quarantine farm where they are treated and cared for according to the directives imposed by the Veterinary Health Department.


Our Company, S.C. Primo Cezar S.R.L
has two main purposes

1. Developing a long-term relationship with our partners and clients and the supply activity;

2. Providing high quality services, which will fit into an optimal quality / price ratio and conditions that respect the welfare of animals.

For any questions or questions you have, our team will be at your disposal. In this way you can be assured that the services you need are in accordance with the legislation in force and respect the hygiene and safety conditions.

crestere animale vii
Breeding animals
We breed carefully selected specimens from breeds such as the Belgian Blue and the Romanian Spotted.
comert animale vii
Trade with live animals
Currently, the company carries out contracts with important partners from European Union countries.
transport animale vii
Transporting live animals
We own special vehicles for both internal and international transportation of live cattles.


Primo Cezar

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