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``Romanian Spotted``

The Romanian Spotted cattle breed was formed in the northeast of the country in Transylvania and Banat following a long “absorption” crossing process, started in 1860, practiced between cows of the Sura steppe breed and bulls from the Simmental overgrowth of different origins. Morphological characters of the Romanian Spotted.

It has a large body development (females have waist: about 133-135 cm and weight about 600 kg), less harmonious conformation, big head, medium length neck, well dressed in the muscles.

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Romanian Spotted

Why choose a Simenthal?

Milk production varies depending on the operating conditions being on average between 3500-4000 kg / lactation, with 3.8% fat.

It also has relatively long, wide and deep trunk, wide abdomen, globular uterus with good structure and correct nipples, strong limbs. The skin is thick, dense and even, and the hair is thick and long. The color is white with yellow, of different shades (from yellow to light red), always having the head and limbs of the knees and jerking down white. The Romanian Spotted breed has a robust constitution, calm temperament, mediocre precocity, achieving the first birth at the age of approx. 33 months and an interval between births of approx. 440 days.


The ideal breed for milk and meat

It manifests precocity, skills for mechanical milking and less good economics, milking speed of 1.1 kg / min. and a consumption of approx. 1.2 UN / kg milk.

The meat production is very good due to the special aptitudes of the breed materialized by: very good suitability for the intensive fattening system, high body weight, good precocity, very good growth increase, good feed conversion, good economics and quantitative and qualitative indices of meat.

Thus, the bulls, intensively fattened, have an increase of growth of over 1200 g / head / day (carrying over 550 kg at slaughter – 16 months), with a specific consumption of that. 7 UN / kg also increase the slaughter efficiency of 53-58%. The meat in the casing has a weight of over 65%, the meat-to-bone ratio is 4.2 / 1, and the meat has good technological and organoleptic properties.

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